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Porno Videos Hub The newest dayn most recent free gay videos videos. Watch Online or Download for free! Arthur Less is a three-time novelist at something of a crossroads in his life and career. His first novel was a critical and commercial success, but his last two were each less so, and his latest one, a semi-autobiographical downer called Swift, was just rejected by his longtime publisher.

His boyfriend, Freddy, has indeed left him. The Pulitzer boards over the years have shown an affinity for books about writers or writing, and for books that fall into certain prescribed tranches of literature about well-off white men facing existential crises. If Less differs at all from such past winners, it’s that it’s the first novel to win the prize with a protagonist who’s LGBT. Next up: A true change of pace, as I’m reading Phil Collins’ memoir Not Dead Yet. Novel category in advance of Monday’s announcement of this year’s winners.

I’ve now read the newest entry, Less, and will update the ranking next week. Prose, a Washington, DC, independent bookstore that is legendary for its author appearances. Greg Bishop tracked down former NFL QB Jake Locker, who opens up about why he retired in 2015. Locker was a first-round talent in baseball, too, but he says in this piece he never had the same passion for it that he had for football. Liberty University, run by extreme right-wing conservative Jerry Falwell, Jr. The current Administration is pushing increased reliance on coal and rolling back environmental regulations on its use. Lindsay Gibbs looks at the continuing institutional failures at Michigan State in the wake of the school’s two-decade refusal to consider complaints about Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse of patients on campus. Gizmodo’s John Cook argues that journalists should not be cheering the Sean Hannity-Michael Cohen revelation, as it’s deleterious to the operation of the free press. I wouldn’t really mind this if, say, the strike zone changed equally for both teams, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Commencement Day speakers at my alma mater have tended toward the famous and dreary, but this year’s class will get a treat: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian author of several novels, including the superb Half of a Yellow Sun. Grand Forks, North Dakota, may be about to elect a white supremacist to its school board. A junk study in a predatory journal pushes, again, the bullshit claim that vaccines cause autism, as Skeptical Raptor breaks down on his site. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unconstitutional an Indiana law restricting abortion rights.

Wisconsin’s Attorney General told a radio host last week that Trump carried the state because of its voter ID law, which primarily disenfranchised voters in heavily Democratic areas. Eagle-Gryphon announced a Kickstarter for Fleet! The Dice Game, a spinoff of their popular 2012 game Fleet! My updated ranking of the top 50 prospects for this year’s draft is now up for Insiders. Keith Law: All kinds of mind distortion.

I tend to be very conservative with rankings, because we have no performance data and pro scouts haven’t seen them. I don’t think either guy would be a top 50 prospect in the pros right now. Madrigal suffers from a terrible lack of comparably-sized players in the majors. Keith Law: Probably Swanson, as the sure shortstop. I haven’t heard from Atlanta fans who were killing Swanson last fall lately. Brady: I know it’s been only 4 starts, but Jose Berrios has been absolutely filthy so far.

1 type starter the Twins have been looking for since Johan left? So I think there’s some regression coming here. Tony: Hey Keith, I’m someone who wishes they read more but truthfully barely reads. Currently, I’m thinking through how to best build it as a part of my routine. How many days and for roughly how long would you suggest in read per week?


Keith Law: I read every day, at least an hour. Find material you like, and see how long you can read without feeling distracted or like you want to run screaming into the street. Have you seen Blake Rutherford hit this year in person? 7 2Bs and a decent SLG. But he had issues last season making consistent hard contact. Can you project him as an MLBer or think of an MLB comp for him?

Brian J: Big 2, or SSS? Kruker: Is Teoscar’s surge just a fling? But Teoscar was on my preseason breakout candidates list, so I was already optimistic about him producing more this year. Keith Law: That works shockingly well. Still an under the radar prospect for SD? I wrote about a month ago about how good he looked in spring training.



But I would bet at least one of those four teams makes the playoffs. Ben: It’s only 4 starts, but when someone like Gerrit Cole switches teams and immediately becomes better than he ever has been, do we assume the new team knows something the old team didn’t? Keith Law: I think that’s exactly what happened here. It seems like the Astros told him, you’re not a groundball pitcher, stop throwing two-seamers, just attack with four-seamers up and sliders down. His flyball rate has soared, but so have a bunch of positive indicators, even without a real change in stuff quality.

Jim: How close were the W-S Dash to making your most stacked minor league team list? It would have helped to have Burger and Robert on the opening day roster, but if Rutherford and Basabe bounce back, and Adolfo continues to improve they might have 3 OFs who play in the majors. Keith Law: Not close at all. Ricardo: What was Price doing wrong as Reds manager? ERA and the offense has a sub-. If the Marlins are going to claim they are a British Virgin Islands company to avoid paying the city of Miami money they are owed, shouldn’t they also play a few games there?