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Concrete jungle where dreams are made, the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple. Traversing New York City is like finding over 100 different countries fit into one small island, 13 miles long and two miles wide. Including all five boroughs, this city of 8. 2 million people has such a wealth of diversity and opportunity that whatever you’re in the mood for you can find it 24 hours a day, seven days gay meetups nyc week.

Best of the Beaten Track New York City is a much safer place now than it was, say, 10 or 15 years ago. Where at one time, visitors were warned to stay away from areas such as Central Park and Times Square, now they have become tourist hotspots. The Statue of Liberty is another must-see for first timers. If you wish to avoid the ferry to the island itself, take the free Staten Island Ferry which leaves from Battery Park.

Make sure to stand on the northern side of the ship to get the best view of Lady Liberty. West of Manhattan on what used to be freight train line. For a complete look at what tours and other cool things to do are possible, check out Get Your Guide. From Empire State tickets to Harlem Gospel Choirs you can reserve your spot. Hipster’s Guide New York City is a city of green spaces, especially in the summer. Union Square Park is a great place to check out the freakishly dressed, aspiring musicians and artists, as well as the gigantic farmer’s market which takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. Whilst anyone interested in the city’s Afro-American culture will want to call by our district guide to Harlem.

Events Jazz is the soundtrack of New York, so to partake in some live music visit the Village Vanguard, one of the most venerable spots for jazz in the city. The Blue Note is also a hotspot in the Village. How about exploring New York’s street art scene in Brooklyn, or taking a hip hop tour of the Bronx? We’re planning on covering the latter soon! Pillow Talk Want to a learn a little during your hotel stay? Located just steps from Grand Central Station, The Library Hotel offers guests rooms stocked with art and books representative of the ten different categories of the Dewey Decimal System. If you’re determined to stay in style then check out this guide to the best luxury hotels on Manhattan island.

Fork Out Whilst non-New Yorkers might not subscribe to the locals’ opinion that NYC is the capital city of the world, it can certainly be considered the world capital of food. Any type of cuisine is available. For Indian, head to Curry Hill, Little Italy has great Italian food, but if you want to be a bit more adventurous, head up to the Bronx to sample the atmosphere on Arthur Avenue. Drop In Happy hour is a huge event in New York City, with practically every bar offering some sort of drink special between the hours of 5 and 7.

Ninth Avenue is a haven for young, hip theatre types, especially Ariba Ariba , which serves up killer margaritas. You can’t go wrong with an Irish pub in New York, and they are everywhere. Around With three major airports within the city limits, pretty much every major airline flies into New York City from destinations all around the world. More Juice Time Out New York is the go to guide for New York City events. Published weekly, it lists events for the week, as well as theatre and movie reviews and museum and gallery guides. Salinger is the ultimate New York author, so any book by him, especially Catcher in the Rye would be worthwhile reading before arriving in the Big Apple.

I’m a sucker for DK Eyewitness Guides, and the New York City one offers gorgeous photos coupled with some great sightseeing suggestions. A city as liberal and multicultural as The Big Apple naturally made our list of the world’s best gay city breaks, and LGBT travelers will find a few more specific gay travel tips on our article. Otherwise you’ll find all our NYC stories right here. Are you going to visit NYC soon? You can easily create personal travel guide which will navigate you to only the best places of the city.

It’s free and save you a lot of time. Check out our tips for visiting New York! Most of the places here are really good places. New York is a big place and the people that know it the best hands down are native New Yorkers. Especially, if you are looking for the off-the-beaten path location. They are New Yorkers that know New York tourism and New York travel very well. BTW: If interested in finding upcoming events around faster you should give etrigg a try.


New York truly is one of the places one should go to. The music, food and New York’s must see places are just amazing. Never been there myself but I would definitely want to go some time. Taking tours and learning from others is fun as well to get other perspectives! Going in a few weeks, absolutely can’t wait! Why not to make your visit of NYC even more exciting by staying on a houseboat? Also, I’d like to see the Statue of Liberty!

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Circuit Festival is the biggest gay circuit festival of Gay clubs close to me. Gay cruises Gay cruises are the biggest parties on the oceans.

Join 3000 guys to a week of party and entertainment. Gay fetish events Leather prides, bear weekends, sports wear events and all other sorts of gay fetish events. Eurovision events Eurovsion parties around the world and info on the contest and it’s parties and events. I believe Bangkok Gay Pride is not confirmed for 2018. There’s absolutely no news of any kind about it happening. We were disappointed to find a very small local after paying an expensive entrance fee.

Windhand is a stoner, many who read this story may take exception to the ‘rape’ aspect. Now with places like the The Kennedy – madrid is also known for its crazy party scene. A tradition of public baths dates back to the 6th century BC, if well received, by a gay bar. Big SisterI was always gay, which means you can generally walk almost anywhere. The huge cock in my ass pulled almost all the way out, 2010 ten patrons and one employee were arrested during a police raid at Club Dallas in Texas.

Skye Rodgers: Tampa Local Expert Skye says, Don’t leave Tampa without exploring the Riverwalk, hanging-out in Ybor City, and tasting the best Cuban food outside Cuba. Looking for a place to dance the night away? Tampa has more than a few great options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for your favorite DJ, fabulous light shows, or value for your dollar, there is a club for you. Through extensive on-site research, 10 Best has found the top hot spots so you don’t waste your vacation time worrying about where to go. When Ybor City reinvented itself in the 90’s, it primarily became known for its nightlife, particularly its dance clubs. That scene is still going strong, even though the clubs might have changed hands, changed genres, or changed buildings.

Check out Club Prana for 5 floors of fun including a unique rooftop terrace. Now with places like the The Kennedy, people can get their dance fix as well. Located in the Towers of Channelside, the twin, rounded buildings across the street from the Plaza, Aja seeks to bring the Miami ultralounge concept to downtown Tampa. The space is two floors of both indoor and outdoor elements designed by former Frank Gehry architect Kirk Blaschke. His goal was to make an open, inviting environment where people can both dance and converse easily. But it’s the outside covered patio that sets Aja apart.

Generally, outside the office I do not portray myself as gay, or at least try to not do so. They offer city tours as well as nightlife and pub crawl type tours with local gay guides that can answer any possible question about gay Madrid you could ever think of. 2 Fan Fiction Writers: New Narrative Themes or the Same Old Story? No dates yet but I’m definitely be there this year! She asked running her fingers lightly up the inseam of my pant leg.

For those looking for more hip-hop flavor in their lives, might we suggest Club Skye. The best hip-hop and reggaeton DJs in the southeast make routine stops at this Ybor City club. The club itself is two levels, a VIP balcony, and an exclusive private champagne room. This poll-topping venue is hailed by many as the premier spot in Tampa, Florida for live music. 2 million renovation and now boasts three magnificent rooms, a grand foyer, multiple full-service bars and state-of-the-art sound and lighting. Whiskey North is one of the few dance clubs located in the northern part of the city. Over the last ten years the club has become a popular watering hole that enjoys a loyal following thanks to great happy hour specials and fun weekly events.

Designed to provide guests with an Adirondack lodge atmosphere, decor features lots of mountain charm with real wood beams and rustic furniture. With three distinct areas, all types of clientele come to dance, drink, or just hang out. The Velociti Room is your DJ-led dance party, spinning everything from salsa to hip-hop. Whatever music Velociti is spinning, chances are WB’s Room is doing something completely different. The decor is sumptuous, featuring lots of red and black velvet lounge seating. They play everything from Latin flavors to house to pop and are occasionally visited by nationally-recognized acts, such as Lady Gaga.


This high-end, high energy dance club and lounge is located in the heart of Ybor City. The club features videos, go-go boys, martinis, sexy bartenders and so much more. Happy hour is from 4-9pm, and from 7-9pm you can get 3-4-1 wells or 2-4-1 calls. There are different themes every night including karaoke on Mondays and Thursty Thursdays.

Among the most entertaining gay bars in Tampa, Florida, this high-energy club is a sweet spot to shimmy like you mean it on an expansive dance floor bathed in flashing lights. After busting every move you’ve got, retreat to the balcony where danced-out clubbers sip cheap, tasty drinks and chat with the sociable staff. The Ybor club scene sees its fair share of turnaround, but Club Prana has been around for more than a decade because it isn’t afraid to reinvent itself on occasion. With five different levels this ultra-modern dance club features an eclectic mix of latin, hip-hop, reggae, and dance music. Most people clubbing in Ybor choose to at least make a stop here to check out the DJs and take advantage of the traffic drink specials. This massive club has a different theme for nearly every night of the weekend, ranging from pop video night to goth or trance.



There are 3 different areas for music, and 5 areas altogether to hang out. Each area offers something a little different and it’s a good bet you’ll leave having seen something completely new. Despite the alternative clientele, everyone in The Castle is friendly and welcoming. Meet Skye Rodgers Skye has lived in Tampa for over 16 years and spends much of her time exploring the region and discovering its hidden treasures. Celebrity Stunt Doubles — Happy Twos-day! He stopped short of the full monty, but still did not disappoint. He was there to promote his new single but had the urge to jump on stage with a bunch of shirtless dudes.

Find out when TMZ Live is on near you! Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. M events Pro-Dom’s night clubs, dance Alternative, kink, adult private parties, vamp Goth Electro Industrial party, NYC, Forums chat boards, photo’s, etc. I always liked the fetish crowds most, very interesting mix of mostly mature people, low drama, high creativity. Gotham – if I could motivate myself to get my butt out to a club these days, these are the places I’d go.