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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. The Jim Rome Show, as with other radio shows, has a number of unique facets to its content. The Clones” – Rome’s fanbase, stemming from the idea that their devotion to Rome, tendency to support his takes, and use of “smack” and jargon from his shows makes them different from regular people but all the same as each other. Van Smack,” “Jimmy Crack Corn,” “Romey,” “The Pimp in the Box”, “Jimothy”, “Man Candy”, “Snagger”, “Romius Prime”, and “R-Unit” are all nicknames for Rome himself, used variously by acquaintances and the Clones. Rome refers to fans of a sport or team collectively as “___ Fan”: e. Tickets, especially those to Tour Stops, are referred to as “ducats”.

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Residents of New England are often called “Chowds”, a shortening of “Chowderheads”. Kobe Bryant – “24,” the number he currently uses, first adopted sarcastically during the 2005-06 season when it was announced that he would make the switch. Michael Finley – “Billy Ocean,” for the facial resemblance to the singer. Robert Horry – “Will Smith” or “The Fresh Prince,” for the facial resemblance to the actor. The Big Hippie,” which derived from his original nickname “The Big Fat Hypocrite” and his cultivated reputation as a mystic and philosopher. Magic Johnson – “Earv,” from his given name Earvin.

The more people see the wounds, see the casualties, the less of a hold the sexual revolution will have on our society. Rome’s fascination stems from the sheer difficulty of the feat and the level of apathy required to pull off such a pathetic result. I’m guessing you cannot get a human being and animals are a last resort. I review my post for typos. An insect, or spider, usually viewed distastefully.


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