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Rowdy profile on gay tube

Please forward this error screen to 209. The jury at London’s Southwark Crown Court was told the officers, who had been drinking throughout the afternoon and evening, had to be stopped by members of the public as they tried to leave the scene of the incident. Rowdy profile on gay tube told the court Mr Domfeh was dozing on the Tube on his way home when he sensed he was being stared at by the group of officers.

The three defendants and another friend of theirs, Mary Rigley, also a police officer, had been out together for the afternoon and they had been drinking and it appeared they had rather a lot to drink,’ Mr Durose said. One of the two men then jumped up and confronted Mr Domfeh in an aggressive manner saying “you what? Mr Domfeh was then punched and the other male joined in too. One particular punch was strong enough to send him staggering back through the open carriage doors and he fell backwards onto the platform banging his head as he did so. After the incident all four officers tried to leave the station with Lynch slipping away as the other three were stopped. Mr Durose said: ‘All four were police officers who had either been involved in or had witnessed a nasty outtake of violence on a Tube train and all four of them tried to leave the scene before British Transport Police Officers arrived. He denied using racial language or hearing any. Lynch said he had tried to intervene and was then attacked himself. He also denied using or hearing racial language.

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Mr Durose said: ‘It would have been appalling behaviour from anyone, but these defendants are police officers who are trained to deal with difficult people in difficult situations and there is no excuse for the way they reacted to Mr Domfeh. Starting his evidence, Mr Domfeh told the court he was on his way home after a long day working as an extra. He was dozing on the train when he became aware of a ‘rowdy’ group. It seemed as if I was being stared at and it felt as if I was the centre of their attention,’ he said. You don’t normally sit on a Tube and stare at someone but as soon as they got on I was feeling it constantly.

He said as he went to get off the train he leant towards the group and said ‘what are you staring at? As the train door opened and I tried to walk out I looked down and I called her a slag,’ he said. I wasn’t going to push it. I was looking at him thinking I’m not going to push this matter, he smacked me in the mouth.



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