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Gay rave party

Stop rabbitting and get on with your work. The female gay rave party, usually when impressively large.

See Begbie, a fictional character in the book, and film, Trainspotting, written by Irvine Welsh. She’s been ragging me about my stupid mistake all day. Of vehicles or machinery, to push to the limits of use, to abuse. I got a speeding ticket yesterday when I was stopped for ragging my beaten up old Fiat at 120. An arab, Sikh, or other race or religion that traditionally wears cloth headwear. I had a raging headache last night”. Usually applied to driving a vehicle. He always rags it when he’s in a hire car.

The period of menstruation, usually with negative connotations of moodyness. Cunnilingus when performed on a menstruating woman. Often extended to ram it up your arse! It was an awful night, the club was so rammed we couldn’t find space to dance. The use of a vehicle to smash into a property so as to steal the goods, usually a shop. Have you seen Bill’s new girlfriend?

A dance music style originating from black street culture and having lyrics spoken to a complimentary beat and music. I’ll not take the rap for everybody. To talk in the manner associated with ‘rap’ music. We had a rare time at the party last night.

The best for a long time. A flatulent imitative sound made with the lips and tongue, either expressing derision or used humourously for its rude associated qualities. From the rhyming slang raspberry tart meaning ‘fart’. A contemptible or objectionable person, a devious schemer. In my opinion it all went to ratshit when we sold our star player. From being considered vermin, like rats.

The UK was finally recognized for its rave culture in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Interestingly, the Communist Party USA has not changed its stripes in any significant way. In 1991 a number of party venues closed, including Ufo, and the Berlin Techno scene centred itself around three locations close to the foundations of the Berlin Wall: the E-Werk, the Bunker and the now legendary Tresor. She’s been ragging me about my stupid mistake all day. The day the music died, Hanger 13, Scotland’s top rave venue, has been closed after three Ecstasy-related deaths”.


A bout of drug withdrawal symptoms. Suffering from the physical effects of drug withdrawal. The term originated in the 1950s and since the late 1980s in Britain has become synonymous with the ‘house’ and ‘techno’ dance scene. These raves are often illegal gatherings with much drug taking, especially ‘ecstasy. To party in the manner by which ‘raves’ became known. The act of going to a ‘rave’. In the manner of a ‘rave’.

A good time, a pleasurable spree. Usually cash as opposed to cheques or credit cards. Originally an American term for a ruralised bigot. Reg Varney, actor and comedian, best known for his role as Stan Butler in the U.



I’m afraid we can’t come over this evening, Zoe’s rellies are visiting. An exclamation expressing a successful outcome. A term usually used by adolescents. Backslang originating from Polari, consequently heard mainly on the Gay scene. A gay male who prefers asian partners. Richard the Third, rhyming slang on ‘turd’.

A third class university degree qualification. A shortening of ‘jimmy riddle’, the rhyming slang for ‘piddle’. He’s a good ride, even when he’s drunk. I made a right mess of that.