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10 M, you can be an astronaut-in-training. The company Orion Span has announced the first luxury space hotel expected to launch in 2022. After years in captivity, she escaped and now helps other conflict survivors to find their place in the world. But the men who say they coined ‘420’ disagree. Should physicians tell police if their patients have been drinking and driving? Some ER doctors are feeling conflicted balancing a patients’ privacy with public safety when treating drunk drivers. 10 minutes later, a death sentence: How Iraq is dealing with the aftermath of ISISHuman rights campaigners are concerned about perfunctory trials taking place in Iraq, as the country tries to deal with thousands of people detained as ISIS collaborators.

Mosque shooter’s search history shouldn’t be a cause for online censorship: expert Alexandre Bissonnette was reading extreme content online in the weeks prior to the attack on the Quebec mosque, but opinion is divided over whether Canada should crack down harder on hate speech online. Canadian sex worker says new U. Two new laws to combat sex trafficking are having unintended consequences for Canadian sex workers, but advocates say the safety of children must take priority. Why a water-gulping Wisconsin plant is a wake-up call for Canada Environmentalists are concerned about Foxconn’s proposed industrial plant that would suck nearly 22 million litres of water from Lake Michigan per day. Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion project, Indigenous leaders are also divided on whether the project should move forward. The Current for April 17, 2018From First Nations in Alberta and B. Is the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline in the ‘national interest? As the prime minister insists that the Trans Mountain pipeline will go ahead, competing sides argue the benefit it offers to Canada. Syrian targets on the weekend may need to take further steps if chemical weapons are used again.

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