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Member of The Free Speech Coalition. Not every NBA free deng most recent free gay videos will be adversely impacted by this summer’s skimp-and-save theme.

Teams are expected to continue tightening their purse strings and hand out more judicious contracts. This shouldn’t be confused with the eradication of bad deals altogether. There will always be desperate buyers, aggressive leap-seekers, warring risk-takers and front-office executives who feel as if they’re prisoners of their cap situation or asset base. Spotting potential recipients of these above-market deals is definitely more difficult during cost-conscious times. Certain players will always capitalize on reputations that embellish their true value.

Some teams will finance expensive deals to avoid cutting bait with marquee projects or recent acquisitions for nothing. Others will pony up out of sheer convenience or necessity because they don’t have the flexibility to suss out replacements. Squads will even consider overcompensating key members of direct competitors or rising superpowers, just to stick it to them in some way. Every player profiled fits neatly into one or more of these molds. Not all of them will be among this summer’s most overpaid, but they’re all, to varying degrees, at least positioned to nab more than they’re likely worth.

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Chris Haynes over the offseason that the 2015 Finals MVP mentally prepared himself to leave the Golden State Warriors before 2017-18. He wanted more money than they were initially slinging and, even in a cash-strapped market, found leverage over the reigning champs. Certain teams were intrigued with the possibility of adding not only a top talent,” Haynes wrote, “but also nabbing a key cog from the Warriors and weakening a budding dynasty. This same target is now on the Houston Rockets’ back. They don’t need to win a title. They don’t even have to make it out of the Western Conference. And losing Luc Mbah a Moute would hurt.

He is the Rockets’ unrenowned hero—an impetus behind their hyperswitchy lineups that don’t concede much, if anything, on defense. Mbah a Moute is similarly miscast at the offensive end. More than half of his looks come as spot-up triples, on which he’s shooting a good-enough 35 percent, but he’s no idle bystander. Trevor Ariza and PJ Tucker are comparably important to the Rockets’ identity.


Re-signing Mbah a Moute will be exponentially more difficult than retaining Ariza. 5 million in a single season. He then spent most of his time on the court backing up that designation. Even now, close to two months after suffering his Achilles injury, NBA Math’s TPA rates him as one of this season’s 16 most valuable contributors. That won’t matter anymore—not as much as it should, at least. The NBA’s long, complicated history with Achilles injuries now takes center stage.

On the one hand, recovery timetables don’t appear as long. Wesley Matthews ruptured his Achilles in March 2015 with the Portland Trail Blazers. He debuted with the Dallas Mavericks on opening night of the 2015-16 season, less than eight months later. Rudy Gay suffered a similar injury last March with the Sacramento Kings. He was ready for opening night this season, with the San Antonio Spurs, exactly seven months later. On the other hand, while serious Achilles setbacks aren’t as likely to ruin a career, they almost always alter them. Gay has seen his playing time slashed by more than 10 minutes per game.



Spurs are notoriously cautious—but he’s also a nimble-footed big man. His mobility will be compromised to some degree. Better yet, ask Elton Brand, who was 28 when an Achilles injury rerouted his career arc. Not one of these comparisons is perfect. Cousins is by far the most superior player of the bunch. He will retain much of his cornerstone cachet in free agency.

But that just means he has further to fall. And with so much uncertainty now attached to his future, giving him even close to max money on a multiyear deal defaults to an overpay. Jusuf Nurkic’s inclusion is less about outside admirers padding his bank account and more about the possibility of him failing to make good on his next contract. Better shot distribution is fueling Nurkic’s resurgence. He has ditched a nice chunk of his mid-range jumpers and isn’t killing as many possessions with junky post-ups. 24 games as he did through his first 41. That this upswing comes amid fewer minutes and nutshelled usage is nevertheless a concern.